The Belgian

Over six months, the Belgian pavilion, nicknamed the "Green Arch", will embody the Belgian soul, which combines Latin artistic romanticism with Anglo-Saxon industrial technical precision. Its futuristic structure and sustainable construction are a showcase for Belgium's industrial, technological and scientific expertise.

22,180 m2

of exhibition space




visitors per day


visitors expected

275 m2

rooftop space

Honouring Belgian innovations and technologies

Belgium chose a plot of land of approximately 2,180m² in the mobility zone of the Expo site, on a corner of the main public avenue and offering excellent visibility to the various façades of the Belgian pavilion, which will be able to welcome up to 15,000 visitors a day.

Sustainability was an essential criterion when choosing the pavilion project, which is a real architectural and engineering jewel. It is a plant-based arch on several levels, designed by La Louvière architect VINCENT CALLEBAUT ARCHITECTURES, in association with ASSAR ARCHITECTS. This pavilion was built by the contractors BESIX and VANHOUT, who have been established in the UAE for ten years. The exhibition route inside was created by the design agency KRAFTHAUS. This scenography will highlight the technologies and innovations of the three Belgian regions in the field of mobility, while also highlighting the comic strip characters that make our cultural heritage so famous.

The Belgian Pavilion at Expo Dubaï 2020

From 6 to 12 November 2021

Wallonia and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation in the spotlight at Expo 2020


The visitor experience begins in the queue, with interactive animations that introduce the general public to Belgians known for their exploits, such as double gold medal-winning athlete Nafissatou Thiam and astrophysicist Michaël Gillon, who discovered several potentially habitable exoplanets.

Escalator: a journey into the future

Once past the queue, visitors take an escalator up to the first floor of the pavilion. This is the start of an audiovisual journey to the Belgium of the future.

Mobility of the future

The first exhibition area will be like a laboratory for the mobility of the future, where each region will present innovative projects.

Wallonia will showcase its strengths in terms of river mobility, notably with an interactive quiz on the Liège trilogiport, the third largest river port in Europe, gateway to three seas (Antwerp, Rotterdam and Dunkirk), three modes of transport (water, rail, road) and three cross-border markets (France, Netherlands, Germany).

The region will also showcase its excellence in space. Young and old alike can discover the Euro Space Center and then leave Earth for an immersive journey to Mars. A 360° virtual reality projection produced by the Namur-based company Vigo Universal will immerse visitors in the experience of life on the Red Planet.

Belgium in 2050 (Main show)

The tour then continues with the Main Show, a fully immersive experience with a fictional film about a dreamy, optimistic vision of the Belgium of the future. The film was produced by the Walloon company ActiveMe.

Contemplating the future (Space B)

The second exhibition space will allow visitors to find themselves projected into the futuristic and idealised Belgium of 2050. The public, transformed into comic book characters, will be able to interact with the elements of the exhibition. At the end of the tour, the comic book characters will be waiting for anyone who wants to take a small souvenir photo.

The best from Belgium… only the best...

Once the visit is over, visitors can go to the Belgian souvenir shop, the chocolate shop or the stalls where they can taste our culinary specialities (including fries and waffles, of course).

Last but not least: the panoramic terrace and the business centre

The Belgian pavilion also has a 173 m² business centre on the third floor, consisting of a fully equipped Business Centre and a VIP reception room. There is a 200-seat restaurant on the same floor. It will give pride of place to Belgian products, including those from Wallonia. But the main highlight of our national pavilion will be the panoramic terrace on the fourth floor. This 275 m² rooftop will offer visitors a fantastic view of the Expo site... and one of the most beautiful sunsets in the city.

The companies that have made this dream possible

The construction of the pavilion

The scenography

The restaurant

The chocolate store

The souvenirs store